Darshan Academy, Amritsar

“I hear and I forget. I see and remember. I do and I understand.” Darshan Academy, Amritsar focuses on practical learning and learning from personal experience. To introduce the EVS chapter on plants, students of Grade 1 visited the garden and learnt about different parts of 
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Students of UKG, LKG and first grade of Darshan Academy, Amritsar start their day with hands-on learning during their online classes, which helps them develop fine motor skills while learning concepts more effectively.
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To help them recognise the colour yellow students of Darshan Academy, Amritsar celebrated the yellow day with great enthusiasm. They dressed up in yellow attire and played with yellow-coloured toys.  
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" Rather than share with others a piece of your mind, share the peace of your soul."
- Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj